Healing: In which I tame the elusive Patrannache and eat deep-fried bacon-wrapped mac & cheese

I want to complain about having a terrible week, but.. I’m not? Still nursing great sadness but the plan is to eventually channel that miserable energy into writing, and creating things. It burns me up too much to let pain get the best of me /shakes fist. So.. for now I will talk about my most exciting WoW hunting accomplishment to date: tracking and taming the rare and elusive pink crane, Patrannache.

Isn’t it beautiful? Check out that sly glint in its eye ^^

I started playing WoW in 2004 as a druid, but once I discovered the hunter class it was all over. I refuse to dedicate my energy to becoming awesome at the game, but when I do play a little, I traipse across the land with my pet Shall (see: Mazzranache). Patrannache is the first creature that has come around and made me think about swapping pets.

Patrannache is hard to find. My first go-around was a disaster. My ground clutter was not turned down and I spent a lot of time mistaking leaves for footprints. I went around its route twice, going between camo and flying mount (in case of aggro), and found nothing – not a single print. Bedtime came and there I was with no pink crane. The next day I did more research and learned that 1. the prints are scattered and sometimes just a toe print will be sticking out of the ground, and 2. sometimes the prints don’t appear at all. Wtf. I turned down my ground clutter and went around again. Several times. Nothing.

I got annoyed and plunked myself down next to Halfhill to set off continuous flares while I chatted with a friend. Ten minutes later that pink beast strolled into my view. I freaked, ran up, hit tame, and within a few seconds it was done. And now I am followed around by a beautiful purplish pink crane. Tamed uh.. October 11th circa 2:00 a.m. ET on Eonar (US).

Oh, damn, I forgot to talk about the deep-fried bacon-wrapped mac & cheese. Next time!

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